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Contel Automation & Control


Contel Automation and Control Ltd. were founded in Tel Aviv on January 1, 1964. Contel leading a Israeli distributor and system integrator for Automation and control. Distribution and Sales products, systems and executes projects worldwide. Including Process control, Information solutions, Building management, HVAC &R control. The company is headquartered in the Daniv Park, Petah Tikva, Israel and serves the Israeli market from 4 sites. The group currently has 220 employees, primarily engineers and practical engineers in the areas of electricity, machinery, electronics, systems analysis, software development, communications, and quality control.

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Turn-Key Projects


The Contel Group executes turnkey projects integrating comprehensive solutions that draw on the Group’s broad range of activities, for clients in industry and in buildings arena. Projects include engineering services from the specifications to the planning and programming of the computerized systems, installation in the field, acceptance tests and handover to the client, to ongoing maintenance services on the client premises. Stringent project management methodologies are employed, including tight controls to guarantee the success of every project.

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